July 19 – Wet Birds, not Water Birds

It’s rained the last couple of days. That and indoor chores have kept me away from wandering around the Anchorage waterways. Instead, I have watched and photographed our wet yard birds.

The Dark-eyed Juncos have been out in force in the rain, usually at least 6-7 are around. One of them has a whiter than usual tail.

The Pine Siskins often outnumber the juncos, with 10 being on the porch and feeders a little while ago. They sometimes share a feeder with the juncos.

IMG_0241 (2)IMG_0245 (2)IMG_0248 (2)IMG_0249 (2)IMG_0304 (2)

Less numerous are the woodpeckers, although we recently have had multiple youngsters and parents of each species Today there were just a Downy hopping on the porch railing, and a single Hairy Woodpecker sometimes sharing a log with another Downy.

IMG_0252 (2)IMG_0256 (2)IMG_0222 (2)

The Black-billed Magpie that was just around appears to be a wet youngster with a shorter tail.

While some of the birds are looking a bit shabby in the rain, the fireweeds in the back yard are thriving and beginning to bloom. So far they uneaten by the neighborhood moose that we saw yesterday down the street.


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