This blog is for anyone who is interested in Alaska birding and those who are curious about what it can be like to do an Alaska big year of birding. I love doing big years. I did my first big year in 2003 in Texas. In 2005 I did another Texas big year and observed 522 species (still the record, I believe). In 2008, I did an ABA big year and totaled 723 species. You can read about it in Extreme Birder: One Woman’s Big Year. After I moved to South Dakota in 2011, I did a South Dakota big year (350 species) and a couple of Pennington County big years. I did not intend to do any other big years, but after I moved to Alaska in 2014, I realized that I needed the excuse of doing an Alaskan big year so that I could more thoroughly explore the birding wonders of the state. So, I am going to do one more big year in the biggest state in 2016. In addition to reading about my big year on this blog, you can follow my daily list on my web site: lynnbarber.com. I can hardly wait!

picture of lynn 130604 cropped

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