July 17 – Anchorage

Not much time today, but I did make it out to Potter Marsh for awhile. I went with our long-time friend, Mike Schafale, who is staying with us briefly in the middle of his month of Alaska hiking and botanical explorations.


The main birds of the day were a handful each of Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs. A couple of the Greater Yellowlegs apparently found that sitting down on the mudflat in a shallow depression was pleasant, possibly cooler on this hot-for-Anchorage day. I have never seen them do that before.




There were only a couple swallows (Violet-green and Tree) around, as most of the seem to have already left. One of the Bald Eagles’ young has fledged and flew from one tree to another, while the other one was in the nest, at least for today.


A very pleasant day to be a birder. No new birds expected and none seen.

288 species so far

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