July 18 – More Anchorage Birding

I took about an hour this morning to check out Westchester Lagoon and part of the nearby trail area. The number of dowitchers was substantially less than a few days ago. There were  a couple of Lesser Yellowlegs and a few more than that of Greater Yellowlegs.

IMG_6702 (2)A

IMG_6698 (2)A

IMG_6684 (2)A

IMG_6685 (2)A

There were more Mallard families evident out on the lake as well as a resting mama Mallard.


Wildflowers that appear to have been planted around the lagoon were still beautiful, as were the fireweeds.


IMG_6707 (2)A

Tomorrow I’m expecting to venture a bit outside of Anchorage.

288 species so far

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