June 17 – Quiet times in Anchorage and a few Nome photos

I haven’t been birding too much since I returned from my early June Nome visit. I finally made a quick visit out to Potter Marsh, primarily to remind myself of whether the boardwalk is completely handicapped-accessible, as I am hoping to gather some non-birders out there sometime this summer. After I ascertained that it is indeed quite accessible, I birded a bit, even though I had forgotten to take my binoculars (clear a major sin for a nutty birder). It was a very windy day, and most birds were staying out of a sight, but I did manage to see and photograph my first Alder Flycatcher for the year. I also hope to find them in Nome in early July when I return to Nome.

IMG_0031 (2)

Although I probably will never get around to putting many more Nome pictures from early June on my blog, I have added a few below of a very cooperative Arctic Tern and very tame Red Phalaropes and a Red-necked Phalarope.

IMG_0382 (2).JPG


IMG_1261 (2).JPG

Less common, and a very welcome sighting in Nome was the waggle-tailed Common Sandpiper that hung around the Safety Sound Bridge.

IMG_0878 (2)IMG_0871 (2)

I am very much looking forward to seeing what’s around Nome in early July.




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