November 6 – Too Many Grosbeaks?

Not for me, of course. I just love to have the colorful Pine Grosbeaks at our feeders chowing down, whistling from the tree tops, perching on all sorts of surfaces. This morning there were at least 10 of them for awhile. I hope people who look at my blog aren’t getting sick of seeing grosbeak pictures, however. There’s a lot of winter still ahead, hopefully with many grosbeaks to liven the days (and most likely only a handful of other species most of the time) so I am sure they will be featured in future blogs as well. Today most of the time they were around they were either at the wooden table or the small flat feeder that hangs from the nearest birch tree.

IMG_0380IMG_0387 (2)IMG_0390 (2)IMG_0394 (2)IMG_0397 (2)IMG_0398 (2)IMG_0406 (2)IMG_0413 (2)

At one point one of the two Downy Woodpeckers that were around today was feeding on the suet above some of the Pine Grosbeaks, but mostly they come to the peanut butter on the porch:

IMG_0407 (2)IMG_0408 (2)

IMG_0376 (2)

The sun has also been colorful lately, with yesterday’s sunset –

IMG_0356 (2)

And this morning’s paler sky –


And the blue sky with a nearly full moon seen this morning –


In addition to the grosbeaks, the recent snow has concentrated the magpies, with six in our yard today, five of which were on or near the same feeder:

IMG_0420 (2)

Another swung precariously on the mealworm feeder. Most of the magpies haven’t figured out how to sit there at all.


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