November 5 – Serious Snow

I think this time the snow will last, probably until April. It started coming down in the middle of the night last night and snowed until mid-morning, for a total of something over 3 inches. Before I show a few scenes from today, I wish to show a photo of the second-for-the-season visitation of Bohemian Waxwings as seen from our yard late yesterday, birds that I really love to see and hear:

IMG_0265 (2).JPG

No sign of the waxwings today, but the Pine Grosbeaks (up to 8 at one time) were chowing down and disputing over access to the seeds.

IMG_0276 (2)IMG_0279 (2)IMG_0287 (2)IMG_0299 (2)IMG_0301 (2)IMG_0312 (2)IMG_0314 (2)

Magpies also were around as is usual.

While I was away from home this morning, Mallards clearly were around as evidenced by their tracks all over the yard. There was not much food available then as it was all covered by snow coming down.

IMG_0334 (2)

A couple of hours after I arrived home, there was only one lonely Mallard visitor, which stayed around for a couple of hours before taking off. I think the others gave up for the day, but most likely will return.




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