November 10 – More Mallards, Magpies and Fussy Jays

Winter and winter birds are here to stay. Not too much of particular note has happened recently, so mostly I’ll just show some recent photos below, including Mallards in the yard (mostly sitting on the snow and keeping their feet tucked up in their feathers away from the cold snow),

Downy Woodpeckers,

an upside-down Red-breasted Nuthatch,

IMG_0045 (2).JPG

Black-billed Magpies,

Pine Grosbeaks (up to 11 at a time),

the first Dark-eyed Juncos of this winter (there were four today),

IMG_0083 (2).JPG

and the very fussy Steller’s Jays, a couple of which are shown in the video for below:

IMG_0084 (2).JPG

I end with sunrise photos from today, always a welcome sight at this time of the year, even if late and even if the actual sun is rarely seen.





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