October 18 – Engrossed in Pine Grosbeaks

As I posted yesterday on Facebook, our first two Pine Grosbeaks of the fall were at our feeders the evening of October 16th. Yesterday, a day that began at 19 degrees in our yard, there were more – one female and three males at one time, and at other times there were 1-2 males, possibly the same ones. Some winters we have very few, but a couple of winters ago we had up to 15 Pine Grosbeaks regularly coming to our feeders. I hope very much that this is another such winter, but we shall see. They are just so beautiful, with such distinctive warbley-whistle calls and songs, and they definitely brighten up a cold, mostly dark winter day!

IMG_0201 (2).JPG

IMG_0212 (2)IMG_0219 (2)

IMG_0220 (2)IMG_0222 (2)IMG_0235 (2)



One thought on “October 18 – Engrossed in Pine Grosbeaks

  1. Ann Gilmore October 18, 2017 / 10:25 am

    Lynn, they are definitely gorgeous! I hope they stay all winter.


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