October 22 – Snow!

Yesterday was a noteworthy day! When I left the house in the morning to go to a 4-plus hour handbell workshop, there was a bit of show on the road pavement.  It was the first snow of the season below the mountaintops. When I left the wonderful note-full workshop after 1 p.m. , it was snowing quite heavily. The snow continued until past dark. The snow now covers most everything, and is something over an inch deep. I shoveled our driveway this morning in the dark so my meteorologist husband could go to work without packing down the snow in the driveway. The blue picture below was taken this morning in the predawn and shows my tracks where I had gone out to put birdseed out. Winter is truly here.


Bird-wise, I haven’t done anything but yard-birding. There were Pine Grosbeaks here each day from October 16-19, sometimes with American Robins, but if they have been around since then, I was too busy or gone and did not see them.

IMG_0259 (2)IMG_0269 (2)IMG_0323 (2)IMG_0343 (2)IMG_0357 (2)IMG_0309 (2)

On the 19th, there were two Common Redpolls high in one of our birch trees, the first in our yard since the masses of them left in the spring. I have seen them around in the woods but not here.

IMG_0283 (2).JPG

Our Steller’s Jays are regularly around. Yesterday four of them were eating peanuts as the snow fell all around.

IMG_0377 (2)IMG_0378 (3)

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