September 5 – Back from Nome

I’m now back from Nome, after an excellent trip of wandering around and birding on Nome’s three main roads. On the afternoon of September 3 and on September 4, I shared a Nome rental car with a fisherman-professor, John Waldman from New York. We would drive to a good fishing spot, where I would drop him off for a couple of hours and go birding, and then return to pick him up and repeat. Toward the end of the day yesterday, I returned and got photos of him catching a very lovely silver salmon (I think that’s what it was; he returned it to the water).

Scenes from yesterday on the Council Road are below. I took many photos of the golden vistas and the beautiful multi-colored slopes. The blueberries were very good, but I was too lazy to do anything but pick and eat a few.

Birds seen and photographed were dowitchers (Long-billed, I believe), Pectoral Sandpipers, Sandhill Cranes, a Slaty-backed Gull (undoubtedly a different one than seen some 70 miles away the day before), a Glaucous Gull, and young Northern Shrikes.

IMG_0035 (2)

IMG_0117 (2)


IMG_0278 (2)

For this trip I stayed for the first time at an airbnb, Remi’s. Shown below are Remi and Igor, wonderful hosts, and their two darling, very friendly little rescue dogs.

IMG_0344 (2)

IMG_0336 (2).JPG

I’m thinking of spending more time in Nome at different seasons of the year. It’s a very interesting place with great diversity of habitat, and I’ve just made a beginning in seeing it.

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