September 3 – Days 3 and 4, Nome


I’m only halfway through day 4 but I have time to post now and may not later. Yesterday (9/2) I drove out Council Road in mostly pouring rain. Periodically I stopped and just waited in the car until the rain let up enough to let me see anything. Still, there were birds. Highlights were a couple of Eurasian Wigeons among the hundreds of Americans (no photo here), a few Common Redpolls, Sanderlings running along the beach, a single Black-legged Kittiwake, Sandhill Cranes, and good views of Common Eiders.






This morning I drove out Teller Road for about 30 miles. Highlights were a single Red-throated Loon, many Northern Shrikes, the tattler seen two days ago, a single Slaty-backed Gull, two circling Northern Goshawks, and a good view of an American Tree Sparrow.

IMG_0508 (2).JPG

IMG_0525 (2).JPG





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