May 7 – Rufous Hummingbird in Our Yard!

About 2:00 this afternoon my husband noticed movement on the porch and was the first to see the beautiful male Rufous Hummingbird that since then has been coming to our feeders for almost two hours! The hummer has come multiple times to each of 3 of our 4 feeders. In between he sits in a birch tree, and sometimes disappears for a while, once chased off by a Steller’s Jay that dove at the hummingbird, and eventually he again returns to feed very briefly at a feeder. He also fluttered for a while midair eating insects. I am posting a few of the zillion photos that I have taken of him. One of these just shows the spectacular color of his throat in an otherwise out-of-focus shot. I hope he stays around, but I don’t believe the habitat here is particularly good for him, and of course, he needs a mate.

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