May 6 – Ever-present Eagles and Dippers

Although I am regularly seeing new migrants, I am also glad to be regularly seeing the good old standby Alaskan birds, Bald Eagles and American Dippers. The weather has been wonderful, mornings in the 30s and afternoons in the 50s, and no precipitation recently.

Yesterday at Potter Marsh where most of the ice is gone, one of the Bald Eagles was perched near the boardwalk, as every passing photographer was able to document.

Today along the BLM/Campbell Creek Science Center trails most of the ice was gone although there still was ice on the creek itself and of course there is still snow in the mountains.

A pair of American Dippers was easily visible from the bridge. It was difficult to pull myself away but eventually after I shot three video clips the dippers flew up the stream and I walked back down the road to my car.

IMG_0707 (2).JPG


In the last few days I’ve made the rounds of most of my favorite Anchorage birding spots so I guess I’ll start over again in the next day or so to see what new birds have arrived in each of the places.


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