January 29 – eBird Is Keeping Me Birding

Another slow day – it is winter in Anchorage after all. My favorite mountain that I look at every day out our living room window was visible all day – no snow today to hide the view. Except for the pink-tinged clouds early in the day, no clouds were visible out there.

If it weren’t for the eBird challenge for people to post bird sightings every day in January (which I have done so far), I might just have forgotten to write down the birds I saw today, and if it weren’t for my desire to have pictures for my blog posts I might not have taken any pictures. There weren’t many birds today, but in addition to the usual Black-billed Magpies and Steller’s Jays, there was one Pine Grosbeak, a Common Raven and five Common Redpolls that I saw in our yard today.

Tomorrow I intend to go out somewhere even though I’m still coughing and feeling yucky with my cold.

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