January 25 –

The big news — the snow plow finally came to our street, along with a big machine that gathered some of the snow along the edge of the road and sprayed it into dump trucks, which hauled it away. There was so much snow removed that a dump truck was filled for each house along the street, and still the remaining snow piles are four feet or more high (but the cleared road is wider now). This is the first time since we moved here that there has been enough snow to warrant such efforts.


Back in the yard, activity was modest as temperatures were above 30 degrees, and are expected higher tomorrow, along with rain on top of all the snow. The only birds that I got pictures of were a Steller’s Jay next to the nearly empty peanut jar and Curly, the Black-capped Chickadee, on one of its many trips to the porch today.

IMG_0121 (2).JPG


Tomorrow is my third bird class on places to bird in Alaska, this time on some of the islands of Alaska to the south and west of Anchorage – Kodiak, Dutch Harbor/Unalaska and Adak.

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