January 24 – Oh Happy Day – No Snow Today

The mountains to the east finally came into view today.

Today’s activities consisted of shoveling on the driveway and on trails in the back yard to get to feeders, waiting in vain for our road to be plowed out, doing more on my PowerPoint presentations and returning to painting on my mountain-eagle picture.

Most of the regular wintering birds appeared in the yard but none were overly active. I spent some time trying to photograph one of the Steller’s Jays on my hand but just succeeded in photographing its forays towards my hand from the peanut feeder on the porch.

Curly the Black-capped Chickadee was around quite a bit, usually on the porch.

IMG_0083 (2).JPG
Below are examples of my eagle painting before today, with the current version, possibly in final form, being the last one on the page. These are photographs of the painting and because of the room lighting the painting is tinted beige unlike the painting itself. The painting is acrylic on paper, 18-24 inches.

170124-3-IMG_0114 (2).JPG

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