January 27 – Calmness in Weather and Birds

Not much happening today. The weather stayed at about 32 degrees after one day of over 40 degrees with some rain. Yesterday there was lots of melting resulting in major icy patches on roads and walkways, but the snow/ice cover remains on most of the creek at Spenard Crossing where I went today. The birds were mostly not around where I birded and in our yard.


I did see an American Robin yesterday in the Airport Heights area, a bird which to me is always amazing to see in the middle of winter. When I grew up in Wisconsin, we never saw robins until spring arrived.

Today at Spenard Crossing in addition to the usual woodland birds, I saw two Brown Creepers, my first of the year.

IMG_0160 (2).JPG

The Mallards were huddled in one remaining open water area.

One of these days I’ll venture forth again beyond Anchorage to go birding but without the push of doing a big year, it’s easier to just wait awhile for the roads to get better.


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