January 4 – Fuzzy Trees Continue

The winters of 2013-14 and 2014-15 did not prepare us for this winter of continuously frost-covered trees day after day. Before one coating of rime ice can fall off the trees we get more fog and the trees are covered again even more thoroughly. I can’t get over how beautiful they become, whether it be just after dawn or in full sunlight.

The birds of course just hop around apparently oblivious to the beauty while they are adding to it. Shown below from our yard are Common Redpolls, a Pine Grosbeak and trees with a Common Raven and a Black-billed Magpie.



The ducks that remain around for the winter, having gotten used to handouts, just sit around and wait both at Spenard Crossing and at Cuddy Park (shown here), and are also unlikely to be admiring the beautiful trees.

IMG_0180 (2).JPG

Today in addition to birding a bit and going through more of my bird pictures from 2016, I added a bit to my painting that I posted an early version of yesterday, but I have not gotten the courage to start to add eagles to the picture. Maybe tomorrow.

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