January 3 -Birding, Talking and Painting

I birded some Anchorage neighborhoods today searching for and finally finding my first American Robin of the year. On the way, I had multiple flocks of Bohemian Waxwings but just the one robin. Everywhere it was foggy, sometimes so foggy that I could hardly drive. The fogginess is evident in the bird pictures.


The fogginess is also evident in the pictures of the two moose that were out near the airport today. The browsing moose looked smaller. I’m not sure if it was a young one or a small fat (pregnant?) adult.

In addition to tell people about birds seen when I post, I also want to use this blog to let people know of when and where I will be giving talks on my Alaska big year. I’m delighted that the number has been increasing. Currently scheduled are the following talks:

February 8 – Mat-Su Birders (AK)

February 16-Anchorage Audubon (AK)

March 9-Juneau Audubon (AK)

April 13-Fort Worth Audubon (TX)

April 20-Golden Triangle Audubon (TX)

May 1-Arctic Audubon (AK)

May 18-Kenai Bird Festival (AK)

Finally, I’m delighted to announce that I’ve finally gotten back to painting. My first painting is intended to eventually have a couple of Bald Eagles soaring over the mountains, but so far I’ve only begun working on the mountains. Right now it looks like this:

170103-1-IMG_0175 (2).JPG

Assuming I finish it I’ll post the final result here.


One thought on “January 3 -Birding, Talking and Painting

  1. Jean Bronstein January 4, 2017 / 9:56 am

    Congrats on a wonderful year. 307 is a great number and love your challenge to others. It was such a pleasure to meet you on our way to Gamble last spring and see some of your pictures from that time. Gamble was such a great experience for me and when I think of all your experiences, I keep those 10 days in my mind.

    Your seat mate on Penn Air to Gamble, Jean


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