December 28 – Lazing Around Anchorage

It’s about done, this big year, with little hope of a last-minute new bird. So, I spent much of my time today going through hundreds of slides from the year (today I just did slides taken from mid-May to early June) picking and choosing those to use for my upcoming presentations to classes and bird groups. All day long it snowed gently and the birds came and went from the feeders. The Steller’s Jays came to the peanuts and mealworms, the Pine Grosbeaks to the various seed feeders (which I kept having to clear of snow) and the Black-billed Magpies scavenged mealworms from the feeder and below the feeder under the porch. A good day all things considered.

IMG_0010 (2).JPG


IMG_0002 (2).JPG

IMG_0005 (2).JPG

IMG_0008 (2).JPG

IMG_0012 (2).JPG

307 species for the year





One thought on “December 28 – Lazing Around Anchorage

  1. Cyndie Avery December 28, 2016 / 8:26 pm

    Lynn, I ziptied an open umbrella to the top of my bird feeder stand. It keeps the snow off the feeders and hasn’t slowed down the birds.
    Cyndie Avery
    Soldotna, AK


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