September 12 – Pleasant Anchorage Birding

In between errands and work today, I took a brief trip to Westchester Crossing, primarily the woodland portion of it along the creek.


I did not expect to see, and did not see, anything rare or unusual, but it was a mild day (just over 60 degrees) and I had a nice walk among a flock of mostly Black-capped Chickadees (6), a Boreal Chickadee, a Red-breasted Nuthatch, and a Wilson’s Warbler.



Farther down the path the usual Mallard flock was lounging about, as were three Greater Yellowlegs.






Far out on the lake were other ducks, the most noticeable of which were about 20 Gadwalls.


I have one more day of Anchorage-area birding before I head out to St. Paul Island.

294 species so far

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