September 13 – Anchorage Quickie

My short trip to Potter Marsh this morning was cut short by a call from my husband telling me that my new/replacement camera had just arrived. So I raced home to unpack it and check it out. For a couple of months now, my camera has been periodically acting up by refusing to focus, and sometimes even to take pictures. Mostly it has been working, but that is not usually good enough, especially when there is a bird that I feel the need to photograph. So now I have an identical (except presumably it won’t act up) camera. Just to be safe, I plan to take both cameras on my next trip.



Today of course the old camera worked fine on the couple of birds that were present at Potter Marsh. It was another beautiful day. I heard Black-capped Chickadee, saw but did not photograph Green-winged Teal, and saw and photographed Mallards, Greater Yellowlegs and a Common Raven.






Tomorrow I expect a bit more bird variety after I arrive on St. Paul Island in late afternoon. I am hoping, of course, for rarities sometime during my stay there, but in any case it will be good to see what is around. In the past there has been some Internet available so I also hope to be able to post periodically on this blog while I am there.

294 species so far

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