August 21 -Juneau Birding

Lena and I birded the Mendenhall wetlands this morning, checked into our new hotel and after lunch birded with Aaron Lang (Wilderness Birding Adventures owner) and Dave Porter, trip participant with us.


Birds seen today include a few Northwestern Crows, a Mew Gull, Lincoln’s Sparrows and both kinglets at the wetlands.

IMG_8944 (2)

IMG_8946 (2)A

IMG_8949 (2)A

IMG_8964 (2)A

In the afternoon we went to the Montana Creek area, Eagle Beach and trails near the “dredge ponds”. Photographed were scenery, a reclining Wilson’s Warbler (I think), an assortment of gulls at Eagle Beach,  my first AK porcupine, and a female-plumaged Hooded Merganser.



IMG_8977 (2)



IMG_8999 (2)A


Tomorrow more Juneau birding with the group – I am looking forward to it!

290 species so far

One thought on “August 21 -Juneau Birding

  1. LaRue Carter August 22, 2016 / 12:26 pm

    Really enjoying your pictures! I’m a
    Friend/neighbor of Lena’s.


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