July 31 – No Bird Sang…

…and very few even chirped, except chickadees (Boreal and Black-capped) and Yellow-rumped Warblers. I was at the Campbell Creek Science Center and nearby trails this afternoon.



IMG_7423 (2)A


It was a cool afternoon in late July in Anchorage, so of course I did not expect singing birds. But it was so quiet! I saw a few Dark-eyed Juncos which were almost completely silent as were the two juvenile American Robins.

IMG_7443 (2)A

IMG_7446 (2)A

The trail I was on much of the time goes along the creek, where bears are a real possibility as salmon spawning season is upon us, but I did not run into one (I had my bear spray can at the ready in some of the more brushy areas). A Belted Kingfisher was just seen along the creek but not heard (or photographed). Other silent birds today were a Wilson’s Warbler and a fly-over Glaucous-winged Gull.



So, I spent some time looking down at the plants instead of up at birds (but always listening for and looking around for bears), and took pictures of a yellow hawkweed blossom and fuzzy past-blossom hawkweeds, Cornus Canadensis (bunchberry) berries, one remaining wild rose rosebud and a few of the remaining fireweed blossoms.







288 species so far


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