July 11 – Shorebird Escalation, Anchorage

It was a beautiful morning at Westchester Lagoon and the nearby trail today. While there were non-shorebirds (Mallards with young (first picture), Mew Gulls and young, Greater Scaup and young, Red-necked Grebes and young, Canada Geese and young, Red-throated Loon, Surf Scoter) on the lake, the majority of birds out there were shorebirds, and the majority of those were Dowitchers (Short-billed apparently being the default). There also was a handful of Hudsonian Godwits, including one juvenile (single buff-gray bird in picture below), and a couple of each of the Yellowlegs (front birds in last picture).


IMG_6389 (2)A


IMG_6394 (2)A

IMG_6404 (2)A

IMG_6403 (2)A

Tomorrow I have a trip planned (birding, of course) and will probably not be able to post about it until Wednesday. More details then.

285 species so far

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