July 12 – Nome Phoebe

I am sitting at the Nome airport after about 7 hours birding in Nome, awaiting my return flight to Anchorage. The purpose of this quickie trip was the Eastern Phoebe reported about a month ago. I was worried that it/ they would be long gone but I felt the need to try. As I was leaving home this morning I learned that a Great Knot had been briefly seen in Nome yesterday. Unfortunately I had been unable to find a car to rent so was unsure how I was going to go the 21 miles needed for it (9 miles for the Phoebe). It took about an hour to figure it out but eventually I managed to find and rent a 15-person van at a normal car rate and I was off.

When I reached the spot where the Phoebe had been reported I quickly saw 2 EASTERN PHOEBES going back and forth to a nest, feeding young! Because I am doing this post on my phone, the pic is a phone-camera pic of my camera screen but I think it shows things okay (tho sideways). I will post more pics tomorrow.




I did not find the Great Knot but had a great day birding anyway.

286 species so far



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