July 10 – Brief Birding in Anchorage

I managed to find 30 minutes to bird today, in the middle of all my obligations/activities that awaited me upon my return from Barrow. Not surprisingly, I visited Potter Marsh in that time period. Nearly all the snow is finally gone from the nearby mountains and everything is lush and green.


Since my last visit, the number of Greater Yellowlegs out there had increased dramatically (oddly, most of them today were one-legged (put your favorite smiley face here)).

IMG_6375 (2)A

In one of my last visits I had reported on the agitated mother Mallard trying to keep the Bald Eagle from getting all of her tiny ducklings. At that same site today, there was a mother Mallard with a batch of half-grown ducklings. I hope it was the same valiant mother that had managed so far to keep so many of her family alive.

IMG_6377 (2)A

One of the Bald Eagle adults was sitting in a tree near the nest and at least one very big young eagle was still in the nest (pictures too blurry to post). I expect the young eagles will be gone soon.

On the boardwalk itself there was a fledgling Yellow-rumped Warbler sitting calmly while its siblings were just off the boardwalk being fed by a parent.

IMG_6388 (2)A

And that was all the time I had for birding today.

285 species so far


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