June 28 – Homer and Soon on the Ferry

This morning I took a flight from Anchorage to Homer, as did at least two other birders, Kenna Sue Trickey and Sue Westervelt. As part of an Anchorage Audubon field trip, the three of us will be joining other birders on the ferry tomorrow morning with a scheduled very early departure time of 4:45 am. The motel that I am staying at tonight is within walking distance from the ferry terminal so my roommate and I will lug our scopes, boots, and gear for 6 days over there about dawn tomorrow.


IMG_4213 (2)

This afternoon the three of us birded in Homer, primarily along a lovely woodland trail, the Calvin and Coyle trail. We also went to the Beluga Slough Overlook and drove out to the east from town with lovely views of water and mountain all along the way. The birds were very vocal, adults singing and fledglings calling. Birds included Fox, Lincoln’s and Golden-crowned Sparrows, Pacific Wrens, Yellow-rumped and Orange-crowned Warblers, Varied, Hermit and Swainson’s Thrushes, American Robin, Red-breasted Nuthatches (young being fed and shown in picture sun-bathing on a stump), Black-capped and Boreal Chickadees (young shown in picture), Gray Jay, Common Redpoll, and Alder Flycatcher. No new birds (and none were expected).


IMG_4204 (2)A

IMG_4217 (2)A

IMG_4219 (2)A.jpg

The ferry trip is 4 days/3 nights with mostly brief stops on various islands as it heads generally westward until it reaches Dutch Harbor, As noted earlier, I’m not sure if there will be wifi on the ferry, but if not, I will still eventually post about the trip and its birds. Of course, it is also possible that I will be seasick and will not feel like staring at a computer screen to post until after we reach land for good.

277 species so far

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