June 25 – Another Anchorage Stroll

Today’s stroll was during the noontime period on the Potter Marsh boardwalk, followed by a drive and stroll at the back side of the marsh along the old Seward Highway. At the boardwalk in addition to the Arctic Terns and distant gulls, there were a few yellowlegs (seemed to be mostly Greater), about eight Green-winged Teal and about nine very flighty Least Sandpipers.

IMG_4143 (2)A

IMG_4131 (2)A

Along the road behind the marsh was a constantly singing Alder Flycatcher and a couple of noisy Northern Waterthrushes.


IMG_4148 (2)A

IMG_4153 (2)A

Tomorrow I will be getting ready to go on Anchorage Audubon’s trip on the ferry (over 3 days) from Homer to Dutch Harbor and the charter boat out of Dutch Harbor after that. A few good (read: new) birds are possible. I’ll fly down to Homer on Tuesday for a very early Wednesday morning ferry departure out of Homer.

It is possible or maybe even likely that it will be difficult to post to the Internet on the ferry, but I’ll do what I can, and in any case will take pictures for ultimate posting.

277 species so far

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