June 25 – Anchorage Birding Stroll

It was very nice to have a day to catch up on a few things at home and to have a relaxing stroll at Westchester Lagoon and the Chester Creek Trail. It was almost at high tide and the Short-billed Dowitchers were loafing on mudflats right next to the busy bike/hiking path Hidden in their midst was a Northern Shoveler. Both kinds of yellowlegs were there, mostly loafing too. Somehow I usually get more pictures of the Greater Yellowlegs than of the Lesser.

IMG_4084 (2)A

IMG_4099 (2)A

IMG_4109 (2)A


The pair of Sandhill Cranes that has been on the mudflats for many days was still there. Nothing remarkable about that, but when I returned along the trail, they apparently had taken a bath and were dripping wet. I was sorry to have missed the sight of them bathing, which I have never seen happen.

IMG_4092 (2)A

IMG_4117 (2)A

There were also a couple of Mallard families and a few Green-winged Teal lurking in the greenery.

IMG_4087 (2)A

IMG_4106 (2)A

The “wild” flower patch along the trail wasn’t as wild as the tundra flowers of yesterday but they were still very beautiful. Altogether a pleasant walk.


277 species so far (see lynnbarber.com for a complete list of species seen to date)

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