June 6 – A Day for Ducks

Today it rained all day, officially more than it’s ever rained in one day in Anchorage before! I had much to do so I just did my various jobs/chores and ignored the rain. By about 4:00 the rain was slightly decreased so I decided it was time to get some birding done.

Potter Marsh was filled as high as I’ve ever seen it. There were very few birds around, probably trying to avoid getting wetter. The only duck species that I saw there was a pair of American Wigeons sitting on tuft of grass apparently trying to stay out of the rising water. The pair of Bald Eagles was sitting out near the nest looking very bedraggled so I did not take their photo.


Westchester Lagoon was my main goal today, in the hopes that at least one of the Blue-winged Teal reported a few days ago was still around. I was in luck, and easily viewable from the shelter of my car was a single BLUE-WINGED TEAL. I did not even have to get wet to see it and I did not take the time to scope the lake to see if others were around. I still had chores and packing to do.

IMG_2992 (2)A

Tomorrow I fly to Ketchikan where I will bird a couple of days and then fly in a one of the few passenger seats on a mail-plane to Hyder, for more birding of course. I understand that WiFi will be available where I will be staying, but if not, I’ll report on my trip as soon as I can.

244 species so far

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