June 4 – Another Great Day in Nome (Plus a Few Gambell Pics)

Yesterday I added more species (11) than I had imagined possible for me to add in Nome for the whole trip, and amazingly today I added three more species: SPECTACLED EIDER, SABINE’S GULL and SAY’S PHOEBE. The eider was seen early on on our drive up Council Road in a shallow pond area.

IMG_2642 (2)A

IMG_2647 (2)A

After we saw one Sabine’s Gull on a water’s edge (I think of Norton Sound), we saw two later with some loafing terns.

IMG_2786 (2)A

I was not able to photograph the Say’s Phoebe which was flitting around high on the cliffs above the nest of a Gyrfalcon. In the nest were one adult and two young (hidden in my picture) and above them was the other adult.

IMG_2837 (2)A

In addition to these and other more common Nome birds we saw about ten Short-eared Owls along our drive, some of which perched very close to the road.


NOW for a few Gambell pictures – in order below: Terek Sandpiper, Black Guillemot, Aaron Lang (Wilderness Birding Adventures) and Clarence Irrigo, Jr. (Gambell bird expert), Snow Bunting, Crested Auklets, White Wagtail and White-tailed Eagle.

IMG_1850 (2)A

IMG_1922 (2)


IMG_1974 (2)


IMG_2070 (2)A

IMG_2111 (2)A

I will post more Gambell pictures when I have time and WiFi access.

241 species so far


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