May 24 – St. Paul Island Day 3, More Special Birds

Again, I cannot load any photos to my tablet so no pictures of today’s birding to post. It was a wonderful day although for the first half of it I thought that I would not add any new year-birds. I knew I had seen all the expected ones and then some out here in the first two wonderful days.

But this afternoon as we did a sweep of Hutchinson Hill, things suddenly got better. As someone called out a NORTHERN WHEATEAR, I looked around, saw it, and then had no time for a picture because someone called out SIBERIAN RUBYTHROAT. I had expected that I would see a Wheatear this year, probably in Nome. I did not expect a Rubythroat particularly in spring. Once we all saw the latter, we sat down to await the other birding bus on the island so they could have a chance at these birds and we would not disturb them. While we waited, the Wheatear, which had disappeared while we all got on the Rubythroat, reappeared and allowed a few photos. Hopefully I will be able to post them later.

After that I thought the excitement was over and settled down to routine birding the various sites with the group. After another delicious supper we went to the spot (Polovina Point) where we had unsuccessfully searched earlier this week where a Curlew Sandpiper had been seen before we arrived on the island. To my amazement, leader Stephan Lorenz spotted the bird out in the kelp-covered puddle area below us and got us all on the CURLEW SANDPIPER. Again, I do have pictures to be posted eventually.

Tomorrow is my last day on St. Paul until fall migration time.

215 species so far

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