May 23 – Second Great Day on St. Paul Island

Well, apparently I am not able to download pictures to my notebook and therefore I will not be able to post pictures until either I get home or I figure out what the problem is.

It was a great day today and I did take many pictures. I did not think it was possible but I added even more birds to my year list today than yesterday. In order seen they were: PARAKEET AUKLET (hundreds), LEAST AUKLET (maybe 25), KING EIDER (2), HORNED PUFFIN (15), THICK-BILLED MURRE (10), COMMON SANDPIPER (2), RED PHALAROPE (1), and GLAUCOUS GULL (1). We also had a Brambling, numerous sightings of Wood Sandpipers and Long-toed Stints, Northern Fulmars, Tufted Puffins, Pacific Wrens, as well as a few sightings of the Common Greenshank and the Bar-tailed Godwit, and of course the usual ducks and passerines (Snow Bunting, Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch, Lapland Longspur) and Rock Sandpipers.

212 species so far

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