May 25 – Last Day of Spring Visit to St. Paul Island

I am home in Anchorage. With a lot of experimentation, it turned out that the camera ScanDisc card seems to be damaged which was the reason I could not download my pictures. So, we went to the late-open store, bought new cards and a card-reader. Although the old card when in my camera or my husband’s camera could not be read, it could be read when the new card-reader was inserted in the computer USB port. So I am able to post some pictures today and will as soon as possible try to post a few more from St. Paul Island.

I did not add any new birds today for my big year, but it was a good day with additional views of the cliff-nesting birds (puffins, murres, auklets, Red-faced Cormorants), Pacific Wrens as well as the Lapland Longspurs, Rock Sandpipers, and Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches.IMG_1589A




We some time today at fur seal overlooks, since some of the males are beginning to come to land.



One of our drives today was blocked by a huge herd of reindeer extending across the road and on both sides of the road.


Shortly before it was time to board the plane, we went back to Hutchinson Hill where yesterday’s Siberian Rubythroat and Northern Wheatear had been seen. I did not (again) get pictures of the rubythroat. Yesterday’s wheatear pictures are better than what I was able to get today so one of them is posted here.


Tomorrow will be laundry, client work, chores, and packing for the Gambell-Nome trip that starts the next day. A nutty birder’s work is never done.

215 species so far

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