Apr. 7 – Black Gold

I did a lot of driving and birding today – up to Palmer (about 45 miles north), back through Anchorage to Potter Marsh, Girdwood and Portage (about 45 miles south). On both ends and in between were Trumpeter Swans, Bald Eagles and Black-capped Chickadees.






It was another lovely day. Down near Girdwood there was a soaring pair high up a snowy mountain of what I thought were Golden Eagles – large, broad wings, all dark. I took multiple pictures as they soared and when I looked at the pictures in my camera they still looked like Golden Eagles. When I got home however and downloaded the pictures, my conclusion changed – I now think they are Common Ravens, which of course do soar as well. The tail of one of the birds looks very wedge-shaped and the bill is sort of raven-like.



I’ve decided not to worry about what they are. If the weather allows, tomorrow two of us are going up to the hawk watch about 12o miles north of Anchorage where they have been seeing Golden Eagles every day, and presumably they will be there tomorrow. Golden Eagles are not rare in Alaska in the summer. In addition, maybe some of the buteos will be there.

126 species so far

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