Apr. 3 – Swans and Scenes

Another beautiful Alaska day today, so after my morning activities, I drove south down the highway out of Anchorage past Girdwood to about 4 miles past the intersection with the road to Portage Glacier.



This area is a vast wetland where Trumpeter Swans have been regular for many days. Today the number was down to five Trumpeter Swans while I was there. I took a few pictures and drove back north, taking more pictures of the scenery along the way.



When I reached Potter Marsh on the south side of Anchorage, I stopped to photograph the Trumpeter Swans. This afternoon there were six where there had been three for days (there were seven there when I drove past the Marsh earlier today).



I finished my birding for the day by walking the Potter Marsh boardwalk. There were many families also walking the boardwalk and it was late afternoon so I did not expect to see much. There were the usual Black-billed Magpies and a pair of Common Mergansers that did not seem to mind all the human activity.




Tomorrow, if the weather holds, I have a fairly realistic chance at a new year bird. Stay tuned.

125 species so far

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