Mar. 27 – Easter Birding

Although we actually had a gorgeous sunrise at our Easter Sunrise Service this morning, the clouds came in and the day got windier later.


When I walked the boardwalk at Potter Marsh early this afternoon, I first thought that there were no birds around at all. I could not see any eagles near or on the nest. Then I noticed two soaring Bald Eagles high overhead, an adult and an immature. Two Mallards were spooked up from the marsh when one of the eagles came down toward the marsh.



That was it for the birds seen from the boardwalk. Because the temperature has mostly been above freezing lately, the amount of ice has been gradually decreasing and open water has been increasing.


A quick drive on the highway along Potter Marsh revealed that there were now three Trumpeter Swans in one of the relatively new open water areas. At the south end of the marsh, there was also another Bald Eagle perched high in a tree.


124 species so far

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