Mar. 13 – Anchorage and Year So Far

I did not spend much time birding today, just an hour-long birding stroll at Campbell Creek Estuary Nature Area. The weather was mild (42 degrees) and sunny. The birds apparently had someplace else they needed to be while I was out there birding. I did have four species – Common Raven, Black-capped Chickadee, Red-breasted Nuthatch and Brown Creeper, none of which I photographed.

All I have is scenery pictures where I birded – the open field around which the main trail circles, the estuary at a quite low tide seen through the trees and a closer view, and the forest trail :





So, lacking much big year birding news, I decided to take the time to incorporate into this blog a summary of where I’ve seen new birds so far this year. Of course, these results, by the very nature of big-year birding in a state where the number of wintering birds is fairly low, are biased toward wherever the big year is begun. I began my big year in Kodiak so Kodiak is on top of the list with most birds seen first there. The list:

  • Kodiak – 52 species seen first for the year in Kodiak
  • Anchorage – 20
  • Ketchikan – 18
  • Juneau – 12
  • Homer – 9
  • Hoonah – 4
  • Areas away from cities/islands – 3
  • Sitka – 2
  • Seward – 1
  • Palmer – 1
  • TOTAL – 122 species seen so far


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