Feb. 14 – Both Sides Now and Mystery

I only birded in the Potter Marsh area today, and there weren’t many birds around.005.JPG


At the end of the boardwalk two Bald Eagles sat together, the only birds I saw there. Usually the only place I see eagles at the marsh is in this same area in the large trees near or at their nest as viewed east from the boardwalk.


Then, as I walked back to my car today I periodically heard a mysterious disembodied squeaky calling sound that moved about unseen apparently low in the distant deciduous trees. Although I will probably never know for sure, it could have been the Northern Goshawk that I saw out there a couple of weeks ago. When I listened to the tape back at my car, the sounds were similar to the recorded goshawk calls but I don’t know. So often I’m driven by the need to know all the birds that I see and hear. I like the idea of a mystery bird there. I’m sure it will lure me back to see if I can solve the mystery.

But for today, instead of waiting around in the cold to try to find out what it was, I drove behind the marsh on the old Seward Highway. I guess I’d never actually looked back from this old road toward where the eagles and their nest is but by chance I spotted it and them today, much closer than I normally saw them. Immediately, the realization that I was seeing the eagles from the other side came to me and immediately after that the words of “Both Sides Now” came to me.


108 species so far

One thought on “Feb. 14 – Both Sides Now and Mystery

  1. Ann Gilmore February 15, 2016 / 1:17 pm

    I love the cosied-up Bald Eagle pair on Valentine’s day and the gorgeous Great Horned Owl you saw on the 13th! And thanks for all the scenery photos–wonderful!


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