Feb. 15 – Eagles

One of the wonderful things about Alaska birding, and one of the hardest to get used to, is the presence of Bald Eagles nearly everywhere. This morning I ended up doing mostly “drive-by” birding, from Anchorage down to Portage Glacier and back. Although I had intended to do some walking on trails down near the glacier, when I got there it was raining very hard, so I just turned around and drove back. The closer I got to Anchorage the more blue sky there was.




In fact, I saw very few birds today. I had gone 30 miles this morning before I saw my first bird for the drive, a Bald Eagle. After another 22 miles I had my next bird, another Bald Eagle. On the way back a few more Bald Eagles had appeared, three of which were beautifully posed against scenic backgrounds. There were also a few Common Ravens, a trio of Common Merganser males on a melted pond area along the highway, and a few Black-capped Chickadees at a stop.

011.JPG  012



I took a late afternoon walk at Hilltop Park in Anchorage, hoping that I might find White-winged Crossbills in some of the many spruce trees. Although it is possible that I heard one, I never was certain and did not see it. I did see and hear a couple of noisy flocks of Boreal Chickadees. My last bird sighting on this beautiful afternoon walk was a Sharp-shinned Hawk coasting overhead while I was on my cell phone planning birding for tomorrow. There’s always another day to find a new bird.



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One thought on “Feb. 15 – Eagles

  1. James February 16, 2016 / 12:31 am

    For those of us who have not visited the state, these daily reports are providing a wonderful sense of Alaska in winter. The habitat and landscape images are especially valuable in showing exactly what birding is like there. I might be tempted next year to make the transatlantic trip to experience it for myself !


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