Feb. 13 – Anchorage Great Horned Owl!

Thanks once again to Peter Scully, who texted me this morning to tell me that he and his dog had found a roosting Great Horned Owl along the coastal trail south of Point Woronzoff. I immediately packed up my birding gear and headed off to the parking lot at the Point. The coastal trail was even icier than it had been last week when I walked it with Peter to see the Northern Saw-whet Owl that he had found.



Peter not only sent me information on the Google Map location of the owl but he also marked the area along with the trail with a wild celery stalk pointing toward the spruce where the owl was roosting. Truly a big year birder’s special person. There were very few other birds along the trail and no other people on my walk to the owl-spot, just a couple of chickadees (Boreal and Black-capped).013



The GREAT HORNED OWL did not disappoint but was firmly and visibly ensconced on a spruce branch snuggled up to the trunk. Although the owl did not budge, it did periodically turn its head and then finally closed its eyes, probably to shut out the sight of the camera below.



Afterward, trying to add a few more bird-checklists for the Great Backyard Bird Count, I drove farther down the road past the airport, where last week’s Northern Shrike was again singing.



But my mind was on the Great Horned Owl. I may have mentioned it before – I love owls!


108 species so far

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