January 23 – More Bird Drama

This time the drama was caused by a Sharp-shinned Hawk, much smaller than the Northern Goshawk that has appeared periodically in our yard, but at least as fierce in its hunting. At first all was pleasant and calm with a Red-breasted Nuthatch, a couple of Black-capped Chickadees and a small horde of Common Redpolls at our feeders. Suddenly there was a Sharp-shinned Hawk, swooping under our porch roof, with redpolls and chickadees scattering in every direction and an absolutely paralyzed Red-breasted Nuthatch hanging on a suet feeder on the porch. The nuthatch stayed put as the hawk strode about the porch railing, hopped to another part of the porch, peered around looking for prey and again swooped about the porch before finally leaving. The nuthatch stayed motionless for at least another 5 minutes after the hawk was gone. No little birds were caught, at least in our yard while we watched. For today.

Pictures of some of the redpolls and the hawk follow:

img_0611 (2)



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