July 15 – Before, During and After

Backstory: we have a patch of fireweed in our back yard, which I carefully protect from moose each summer by putting some stuff around them that usually contains blood-meal and is supposed to keep away deer, moose, rabbits, etc. It’s not always successful, with the moose generally nibbling off the buds before the plants bloom. But this year, the moose were kept away and I HAD a beautiful little patch. Thank goodness, I took pictures yesterday:

IMG_0060 (2)IMG_0063 (2)

This morning we were awakened by our dog going nuts as he watched two moose strolling down the road in front of our house. When they disappeared, I looked out back. Yes, they had already been in our yard, but I did not dare to go out in the yard or to let our dog out again. Time passed, and when I thought the coast was clear, I let our dog out in the back yard. Nope, they were just hopping over the fence back into our yard! A wild time ensued with our dog darting up to the moose, and the moose, both of them, attacking our dog, who just barely eluded them. Finally they had our dog cornered under the back porch steps, and then they wandered back to graze some more. I finally got our terrorized dog back in the house. And the moose grazed and grazed and grazed some more. They also loved our little “forest” of saplings that I’ve been allowing to grow in the yard.



Eventually, tummies full, they left (I always wondered how the youngster made it over the fence; now I know – with difficulty).

And the flowers now? A few remain (undoubtedly the moose will be back for more):

IMG_0097 (2)IMG_0098 (2)

Sigh. We Alaskans do love our moose, but still…

One thought on “July 15 – Before, During and After

  1. Vandy Bradow July 16, 2018 / 6:57 pm

    Mercy. Poor dog! It was hard watching the invaders, I know!


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