May 22-26 – Nome, Part 4 (final): Other Critters

We come now to the final blog post on my May 22-26 trip to Nome, just in time for me to head there again in two days. This post is about “critters” – non-human mammals from my trip to Nome. If mammals were as prevalent and easily seen as birds, I might be more of a mammal-watcher and less of a birdwatcher. Nearly every time I see a mammal I drop my birding and watch and try to photograph it. Some of the results follow:

Some type of seal on the ice at mouth of the Nome River:

IMG_0512 (2).JPG

Arctic ground squirrel (I believe that is what the Nome animals are called):

IMG_1055 (2).JPG

Reindeer, mother and young, seen a couple of days out on Safety Sound:

IMG_1709 (2)IMG_1727 (2)

IMG_0472 (2)

Musk Ox, seen every time I drove Teller Road, often very near town; there was at least one herd with mothers and young and elsewhere there were individual animals, probably males:

IMG_0614 (2)

IMG_0622 (2).JPG

IMG_0632 (2).JPG

IMG_0664 (2).JPG

IMG_1335 (2)

IMG_1336 (2).JPG

Moose, one seen this trip on Kougarok Road, coming up onto the road, leaving the road, running alongside the road, returning to the road and running for over a mile ahead of me as I drove extremely slowly before it finally left the road so I could drive on. The second one was out Teller Road:

IMG_1372 (2).JPG

For added measure, following are a few pictures of the two moose that make my birding interesting this week, taken in Anchorage on my last Birds ‘n’ Bogs survey at Oceanview Bluff park:






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