January 31 – Mostly Caster, and A Few Birds

I probably should have done some research on huskies before we adopted Caster (a small part husky). I now know that huskies have a soft undercoat that sheds in an amazing number of fluffy clumps, after which the long hairs of the rough outer coat shed. That appears to be mostly over, for now. I also did not know that huskies, at least Caster, have unlimited energy, almost always wanting to play, eat, be attended to in some way. Caster also has an extremely piercing bark, which he is increasingly inclined to use, especially if there is another dog or a stranger or a bird in view, and he loves to nip and bite things. Sigh. He is a very loving dog, however, and we (probably) will keep him. Right now he goes to “reactive rover” training once a week. Oddly, at this training he is the model dog, doing exactly what he is supposed to do and mostly ignoring the other people and dogs. Time will tell on whether he will generalize this learning to his behavior at home. Following are a few more pictures that show he does sometimes rest between times of playing and running around, and a video that shows a bit of his playfulness with a new floppy squeaky toy.

In between hours of dealing with Caster I have spent a bit of time looking at our backyard birds. Pictures follow of one of four juncos that came briefly to our yard, a female Pine Grosbeak, and a couple of redpolls, one of which is much lighter in color:

IMG_0248 (2).JPG

IMG_0274 (2)

IMG_0294 (2)IMG_0297 (2)

Also, a couple of pictures showing recent snow follow:



One thought on “January 31 – Mostly Caster, and A Few Birds

  1. timandkarlyn February 2, 2018 / 5:57 pm

    Play dates with other young huskies? One of those machines that shoots out tennis balls and the dog has to bring them back and re-load the machine? A second younger husband?? Your welcome.


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