October 9 – A Beautiful Fall Day

It didn’t rain today (or snow)! The temperature ranged from about 41 to 50 degrees, with a sunny sky and a modest wind. Not only was it a good day to go birding, but I also had time to do so. So, I went to the Potter Marsh boardwalk. The surrounding hills were mostly covered with snow. The grass was mostly brown, but there were still many yellow leaves on the deciduous trees.

As expected, there were not too many birds remaining. There were about 8 Mallards, 12 Green-winged Teal, a single Common Merganser quite close to the boardwalk, a fly-by Black-billed Magpie, periodic views of a Bald Eagle, and the sound of a Black-capped Chickadee.


IMG_0098 (2)

IMG_0078 (2)IMG_0085 (2)IMG_0099 (2)IMG_0111 (2)

IMG_0136 (2)

When I drove the highway along the marsh, I found that there were still 4 Trumpeter Swans around, each of which was accompanied by Mallards waiting for the swans to bring up something from underwater.

IMG_0181 (2)IMG_0189 (2)

I wonder if there will be snow on the ground at our house when I post again.







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