October 2 – Out Our Window, Day 9, Homer

It’s an unheard of vacation for me when I just stare out the window and don’t even venture forth to look for birds. I have been pleasantly lazy. With the wind and the waves and a bit of rain, the birds just kept coming to me today! I tried to take pictures of most of them as well as of the overall view. Note: because of my weird computer, it’s possible there are two copies of my kittiwake video in this blog post; I just can’t seem to delete the one that inadvertently inserted between the scene pictures below.



The best bird photos from today are below, but because of the distance, most birds, though recognizable, are a bit fuzzy. Seen and photographed (parentheses are numbers seen, but I wasn’t staring out the window all day so there undoubtedly were more) were:

Surf (1) and White-winged (4) Scoters :


A few Common Loons (3):

Red-necked Grebes (2):


Common Murres (16):


Marbled Murrelet (1):


Pelagic Cormorant (6):


Black-legged Kittiwakes (80 or more, often in swarms with other gulls, none of which I worked at identifying when they were so far off shore):




Glaucous-winged Gulls (10 or more):

Mew Gulls (at least 1):


Song Sparrow (2):


Rock Pigeons (3):


Not photographed but seen: Harlequin Ducks (3) and Bald Eagle (1).

Also photographed from our window: the state ferry and a smaller freight ferry (we think that’s what it is, taking on a couple of passengers):



It will be sad to leave Homer, but I’ll be back!

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