September 29 – Goshawk, Sparrows, Homer, Day 6

For the last couple of days I’ve wandered around rather aimlessly around Homer seeing what I could see. The days have progressively been less rainy, but whatever the weather, they have been beautiful.


Highlights yesterday were many White-winged and Black Scoters (a few Surf Scoters), and sparrows, mostly in the Beluga Slough area – Song, Lincoln’s and American Tree Sparrows.


Other interesting birds: calling Common Loon, a couple of Marbled Murrelets, diving Horned Grebes, and a few very brave Northwestern Crows coming to our deck for peanuts.



Today, a mostly non-rainy day, the clear highlight was a Northern Goshawk. I was at the Beluga Overlook (on F.A.A. Road) walking toward the little platform through the spruce trees when I heard a Greater Yellowlegs calling with agitation. Since I hadn’t even seen a shorebird on this trip, I hurried forward for a view of the marsh and the yellowlegs, and to my surprise saw a Northern Goshawk on the ground being scolded by the yellowlegs. The goshawk took off, but it did give me a chance for a few photos.


This afternoon I walked some of the Calvin and Coyle trail again. We ended the day back at the slough watching the sunset, and taking more photos of course.





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